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Gearing up for the record breaking Channel crossing

2nd December 2016

When you’ve flown all the way from Northern Russia, across the artic tundra and the taiga forest, dodging thunderstorms and blizzards and suffered temperatures down to minus 15, you might think flying 30km across the Channel isn’t much of a big deal. But when it’s 30km of water, with no landing option other than into […]

100,000 hectares: making our dream a reality

2nd December 2016

So many of you have signed our petition now, we thought it was time to start thinking how we would go about reinstating 100,000 hectares of wetlands in the UK. Here, WWT’s chief scientist, Geoff Hilton describes his vision. To start with we need to realise how relevant wetlands are to our future. They have […]

The Netherlands: a Bewick’s mecca

29th November 2016

As Sacha begins to turn her thoughts towards the challenge of crossing the Channel and arriving home, our first tagged swan arrived back at WWT Slimbridge on Thursday. After a week resting and feasting on the water plants in Lake Veluwemeer, Maisie set off fully fueled for the final push at 6pm. She flew throughout […]


Sir David Attenborough - WWT Vice President

“This expedition is marvellously imaginative and adventurous, and a fitting project in WWT’s 70th anniversary. Peter Scott did similar in his day and inspired the world. That swans should fly from Russia, to come here, is surely a kind of parable - we can live in harmony with nature, and it’s up to us to do so.”